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April is courteous, respectful and professional. Extremely knowledgeable with a passionate interest in all matters related to human health and wellbeing. (J Mitchell)
April has a very thorough holistic approach, with a down to earth relaxed attitude with all sorts of useful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. (L Hawker)
Thank you April, I continue to lose body fat and increase my muscle percentage. What is usually a struggle for me has been so much easier with all the nutritional advice you continue to give. (N Yates)
April Rose, what a fantastic find! April has a real passion for what she does, she takes the time to explain all of the information that you need very thoroughly and really makes you feel at ease. (S Stocks)

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I have used Herbalife or Purition Nutrition every day since 2013. I even take it on holiday with me. In that time, I have become leaner (lost body fat), got stronger (increased muscle mass), never been ill (better immunity), increased my energy (I probably get an extra 2 hours out of every day) – and the exzema I had for 44 years went completely within the first week.  I have many Clients with great testimonials.

I don’t diet or advocate dieting: In fact, research shows that restricting your body’s intake pushes it into starve-mode and switches on a survival mechanism that makes your body store more fat and burn muscle, which is a disastrous: The classic yo-yo diet. Go back to eating normally and you’ll put weight on faster, as you have less muscle to help burn it off. That is not a healthy approach.  Your body asks for nutrients not calories.

When a Client comes to me wanting to improve their health/appearance/energy levels through healthy eating, there are a couple of things I check first.  Is their digestive system working properly (if not, we need to address that first)? And do they have any nutritional deficiencies/food intolerances/bacterial, fungal, viral, post-viral/environmental issues that need to be remedied? Sometimes I will suggest that we take a Hair Sample to be sent off to the lab to be tested (which costs £55).

One of the first things we will probably talk about is the importance of a healthy breakfast. It’s an easy change to make, and can have a profound affect on your body.

Making little changes gradually over time, and helping them to become routines, is a really good way of changing your habits for life.  As one change becomes a habit, we may go on to look at other aspects of your nutrition: How much water you need, how much fibre, what percentage of your nutrients should come from fat/carbs/protein, exercises that can help. Every client is different and so every Action Plan we create together is unique.

Herbalife is tried and tested and I trust it, through 5 years of personal use. It is designed as cellular nutrition geared to the 21st Century – fast food for clever people. Christiano Ronaldo, Reading FC, Ospreys RFC, Sussex CCC, The Italian Olympic squad and many other world-class atheletes use it as their nutrition of choice – and these guys are pushing their bodies to the max day in day out.  The Herbalife 24 Sports Range is also endorsed by Informed-Sport: All nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC.  You can now order the entite Herbalife range via my online shop at www.april4health.goherbalife.com/en-gb.  You will find tonnes of product info, recipe ideas and hints and tips to help you along your nutrition journey here too.

So, regardless of whether you want to;

  • change shape
  • be stronger,
  • be fitter,
  • be slimmer,
  • improve your immunity
  • have more energy…………………….. or all of the above!……………………

I can help.  If you’re serious about your health but you don’t want to diet, then get in touch: Click here, leave your contact details, decide whether you want to do this individually or in a group, and let’s get started.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for! x

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