Gentle, holistic manipulation to help your body heal itself without drugs

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Feed every cell in your body with world class nutrition and feel the difference

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Reactivate your Stem Cells naturally and reclaim that spring in your step

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Welcome to Chiropractic in Sidmouth, Devon; Nutrition, Wellness and Intelligent Energetics worldwide. Here to guide and support you towards an amazing, healthy active lifestyle where you feel your best every day and lead the life you choose.

This is perfectly possible: Your body and soul has an in-built desire to be well – and I have observed this many thousands of times over 18+ years as a Chiropractor.  Sometimes it just needs a helping hand. Whether that be through:

  • gentle manipulation (at the april4health clinic),
  • awesome nutrition at a cellular level, and/or
  • restoration of better gut health
  • boosting your immunity naturally so you get sick less
  • helping you detox from daily environmental, chemical and energetic/frequency pollutants
  • increasing your vitality, energy & mood by reactivating your stem cells naturally
  • a combination of all or some of the above

believe that it is possible.

I work as a McTimoney Chiropractor from my private Clinic in Sidmouth, Devon. I also work as a Wellness & Intelligent Energetics Coach – both in Sidmouth face to face and worldwide 1:1 with clients (via Skype).  If you come to me, we will discuss an Action Plan together so that I know where you want to be and you know exactly how I can help.

If you Google “April Rose McTimoney” you will be able to read the 80+ 5 star reviews that Patients have written about me. I have never deleted a review.

My passion is helping. That’s what gets me up in the morning. So if you become my Client I promise to do my best for you. My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself possible.

I look forward to meeting you.

April Rose DC BSc(hons) MMCA GCC Registered